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bossmew's Journal

I've been to a post-punk postcard fair
15 March

'the gays', abusing photoshop, alan moore, amy sedaris, aqua teen hunger force, arrested development, art, b3ta, badges, being 'befriended' repeatedly, being touched by jacob, black books, blackadder, bleepy goff music, bottom, brass eye, brian eno's bald head, brie, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, caps_lock, casio vl-1 keyboard, cats, chris morris, christian 'flake' lorenz's dancing, cola, comedy, comics, crafts, creativity, csi, david bowie, david tennant, doctor who, dr manhattan, drawing, ebm, evil dead 2, falafel, father ted, fish finger custard, fry and laurie, futurama, hilariously bad slash fiction, hobocamp?, insomnia, internet, jackbeard, jerri blank, london, look around you, lost, matthew goode, meerkat matt bellamy, mulligan and o'hare, muse, new order, noel edmonds' beard, ozymandias, pasta, paul dinello, pet shop boys, pirates, popular rock combo muse, rammstein, reeves and mortimer, richard kruspe drinking game, ron mael, ron mael's moustache, rorschach, rorschach sounding angels, roxy music, russell mael, sarcasm, scissor sisters, skittles daleks, sleeping, spaced, sparks, star wars, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, supernatural, sushi, talking heads, the league of gentlemen, twitter, un-named evil brothers, vincent, watchmen, widdly-widdly virtuosity, withnail & i, zachary quinto